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Hawk Hummingbird Moon

Hand Sculpting Silver Clay Workshop

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Saturday October 28 and Sunday October 29, 2023 10 am - 3pm

In this class we will work with silver clay sculpting using molds we create, textures, rubber tipped tools, microcarvers, slump molds we make & more to create a 3d piece of fine silver. You can use a photograph, a hand drawing or any idea to create. This class will focus on a complex, layered design of your choosing. This is not a project driven class but more like a talisman building class where you will create a personal image that you design.

This class will be taught in my home studio and you will learn how to use various tools and your personal creativity to create a one-of-a-kind sculptural wearable piece of art. This will be a two day class one day for sculpting and creating and another day for firing polishing and preparing to take home. This is an advanced class for those who have had experience with metal clay before. This class would not be appropriate for a beginner.

After registering, you’ll receive a list of tools that will help you to create at home and  these tools will be required for the class. They will include micro carvers, rubber tip tools and a journal.  I will teach you how to create molds out of polymer clay, as well as  two-part silicone mold making material- using natural textures and elements from buttons, textures & more. 

The class will include 20 g of art clay Silver as well as basic studio tools, like rollers & textures, polymer clay & 2 part silicone mold making material. Additional metal clay will be available for purchase. If you decide to purchase more metal clay on your own please bring Art Clay silver .999- other clays may not be compatible with the 20gm you will be provided & you may not be able to use it with this project. 

We won’t be doing any stone setting but fireable gemstones like sapphires can be brought to class and used- they will not be provided but you can bring your own. I will have some variety of cubic zirconia available for sparkle & color at no charge. 

This is a great class for someone looking to create an image that they have been working with, or thinking about for quite a while and turning it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Don’t hesitate to message with questions.